Monday, November 22, 2010

We had a fun weekend up in Boise the first of the month with Collette. We attended an Evening at the Opera performance with her BSU Opera Theater class for the BSU Singles Ward Stake Fri, November 5th. She sang some beautiful duets with some modern spins - oh Jacob and Edward - and it was fabulous. All of those girls did an outstanding job. We attended the BSU vs Hawaai Warriors game Sat. afternoon and it was more entertaining watching the craziness of Bronco Nation And Collette's cheers for her poly boys on the Warriors team didn't even phase the surrounding boisterous crown. Here are a few pics of the game. Great weekend and great times

Friday, November 12, 2010

Las Vegas Fun

Dale and I went to Las Vegas October 28 through the 31st to spend time with his two brothers, sister, and their spouse. We got a good deal on the new airline with direct flights from Twin Falls to Vegas. It was a fabulous time and a much needed R&R. Thanks to my wonderful husband for this fun trip, I love him so!
As the billboard say, there was simply nothing else like this broadway show. It blew me away!

The highlight was visiting the Las Vegas Temple, which is the real beauty of the city, up on a hill shining over the worldly glizt and glamor.
The Clarks...l to r: Dale, Lyle (Lindon, UT), Clayton (North Pole, Alaska), Colleen (Satelitte Beach, Florida)

The old part of Las Vegas with the new overhead "sky roof" featured a Queen show...ah Freddy Mercury.
I remember this cowboy in the strip when I was a kid visiting with my family, but is was along the road as part of the main strip.

Part of the night light in Vegas close to Donny and Marie as I got!
Loved the Bilogio (sp) hotel fountains...reminded me of Oceans Eleven!
Clayton taking advantage of one of pools that featured a "river run".

Beverly, Clayton's wife

Clayton and Beverly's time share condo where we stayed. We were so appreciative for this place to stay and for the wonderful time we all shared together. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random grandchildren pics

Clearing out my phone, I came across these fun and cute pics of my grandkids that were either taken from my phone or sent to my phone that haven't been posted. Gotta love them all!

Issak playing ball when Jemrey helped with the deck.
Mikelle enjoying being here when Dad worked on the deck.

Kymra Lyn

Kymra in cute dress

Isaak's school picture

Bailey and Malia playing a game at Grandma's ward picnic at Spears

Braden and Cole playing a game at Grandma's ward picnic
Kell and Isaak sporting their masks

Hmmm...which ones are these? cute Orr kids props for their play

Cheesy Kyler, Ryker, and Avery

A night at Grandma's

Braden's birthday nerf gun we bought at Target

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun in Pocatello and Idaho Falls

I am late blogging this fun Saturday back on October 16th. We headed to Pocatello and Idaho Falls for a great day with family. We stopped in Pocatello and had lunch with Jeremy, Sarah, Isaak, and Mikelle. I love the kids' darling grins!

Jeremy and Sarah
We then spent the rest of the day at Grandma Kump's church for her 90th birthday celebration with Jef, Sarah, Logan, Mason, Cole, and Ella. It was Jef's birthday, Tuesday, the 12th, so we were glad to go up and spend some time. Sarah helped her Grandma organize and present quilts to all her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It was an impressive thing. She also gave them a history of her life as well. We had dinner at a local restaurant after and we gave Jef his presents. One was a guitar song book and I told Jef a couple of ones I wanted him to learn and play for me. We enjoyed the day and loved being with our kids and grandkids.

Dale being funny for the grandkids.

Ella loved putting on this high heels from one of the gals there.

Cute kids... L to R: Cole, Logan holding Kady, Wendy's little gal, Mason, and Ella

Sporting their classy looks....cute divas!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun times in Idaho Falls

I spent the last week of August in Idaho Falls with Jef, Sarah, and family. These photos aren't the greatest from my phone, but I did have a great time. A highlight for me is always getting to sit and listen to Jef play his guitar. He is very, very good and has learned some awesome songs.

We went to Gem Lake on the hottest day of the week and enjoyed the water and a picnic.
Cole with Grandma

We had lunch after the fun matinee movie one day.

Sun from the window really did make this special! lol

Ella got this cute skirt on a shopping day and I loved her outfit!

Mason, Cole, and Ella the night that Logan was at football and Jef and Sarah to dinner.

We went to the baseball game to watch the Idaho Falls Chuckers play the Missoula Osprey. I could really become a fan of local baseball very quickly!
I brought up some glow sticks and the kids had a fun time lighting up the front yard. Time goes fast when you are having fun! Thanks Idaho Falls family for a great week!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Big Fan of the Osmonds!

Just wanted to post some awesome pictures of a concert I was able to go on August 7th. It was held at the Twin Falls Fairgrounds by the Boys Scouts of America in celebration of their 100th Anniversary. It was an exciting show from start to finish. It started out with some skydivers dropping into the stadium and a local reserve unit posting the colors. And then Wayne, Merrill, Jay, and Jimmy Osmond came out and on to the know what a HUGE fan I am of the Osmonds, I was transformed into a teeny-bopper fan! They sang a lot of the songs that they do around the globe for their Osmond's 50th Anniversary Show. They were exceptional entertainers and it was so fun to see video presentations on side screens of them all and the rest of the Osmond family growing up while they sang a favorite of mine..."Through the Years". Yes, I clapped along and sang along and embarrassed Dale, but I knew all the songs and I loved their sense of humor and the stories they told of their lives and those of all the family. The program ended with a pre-recorded patriotic medley played as an impressive fireworks display lit the skies. It was one, if not the best, concert I have been to. Thanks Dale for taking me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Montana Adventures for Zadyn's Birthday and Cherry Picking

Collette and I went to Montana to spend a few days with Alisa and family from July 28 thru Aug 1st. We left Thursday around 2pm and took turns driving while the other read Hunger Games out loud, an excellent book that we were reading. The kids were so excited to have us come and we gave Zadyn her birthday presents while we were there. We had a great time visiting and playing outside, roasting smores, and going for walks. It was a great adventure picking cherries in Polson and then going to Flathead Lake fir a picnic. Alisa picks lots every year to can for them to enjoy all year. We drove home Sunday after church and we finished the book and even started the second in the trilogy. It is always such a great time in Montana and I think we will make it an annual event around cherry picking time!