Monday, November 22, 2010

We had a fun weekend up in Boise the first of the month with Collette. We attended an Evening at the Opera performance with her BSU Opera Theater class for the BSU Singles Ward Stake Fri, November 5th. She sang some beautiful duets with some modern spins - oh Jacob and Edward - and it was fabulous. All of those girls did an outstanding job. We attended the BSU vs Hawaai Warriors game Sat. afternoon and it was more entertaining watching the craziness of Bronco Nation And Collette's cheers for her poly boys on the Warriors team didn't even phase the surrounding boisterous crown. Here are a few pics of the game. Great weekend and great times

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Arlene Heiner said...

Hi Linda, thought I'd stop in on your Blog. Noticed you haven't Blog since November. Last year I was the worst but I decided to add Blogging to my New Years Resolutions so I'm working on it as a matter of "Family History" I hope everything is going great for you--you look great in your pictures. Can't believe how old we are getting but you look the same as you did years ago. Talk to you later